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This product is owned and copyrighted by the Ballenas Squadron, Vancouver Island North District, a unit of the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons. It is available on request to individual squadrons. There is a small fee to cover shipping and handling, and a contribution will be welcome for the further development of this and similar training products. Lights may be downloaded as a Zip file.


Ballenas Contact:  ballenascommunications@shaw.ca



Note that a "lights" icon will be placed on your start menu during installation.


LIGHTS CRUISE HELP (Version 1.1, November 2004)


You will be cruising in a shallow inlet shown in the chartlet, based on the centerfold of the 'Aids to Navigation'. You start close to the western edge of the chart, cruising on a heading 090 at 20 knots, approaching the fairway buoy. As a first attempt you should try to reach the anchorage at the head of the inlet - about 5 nautical miles. Hazards include shallow water, submerged rocks, running aground, hitting buoys, venturing into restricted areas and sailing off the end of the world.


Your position is tracked by a black dot on the chartlet that will appear on the left of the chart at the start of the cruise. The dot has a short line indicating the heading. To relocate your vessel to any point, right-click on that point (except on land).


Lights are denoted by small circles of appropriate light colour on the chartlet. Left-click on any charted light to see its characteristics. Angles of visibility are rendered fairly accurately, and lights will not be visible if there is intervening ground.


To adjust the heading use ctrl-right or ctrl-left on your keyboard (hold down for repeats), or click on the left or right sides of the wheel. Keep an eye on the rudder angle next to the heading. There is a 45-degree limit stop on the rudder.


To adjust the speed use ctrl-up or ctrl-down on your keyboard (hold down for repeats) or drag-and-drop the red power knob. The speed is adjustable between 0 and 40 knots.


The "Set" button lets you hide or show the boat position dot. When the dot is hidden you have the more difficult task of navigating by heading and lights alone.


The "Set" button also lets you select three windspeed ranges. The windspeed affects the severity of yaw, pitch, wave height and southward drift.


The "Set" button also lets you select the length of your boat, from 10 feet to 50 feet. The boat length affects the turning speed and the response to wave action. The draft is one-tenth of the boat length. Initially, your boat length is 20 feet, with a draft of 2 feet.


Depths are very shallow, ranging from 0 to 20 feet. The depth sounder reads true depth in feet, taking into account wave action and your boat draft.


Lights (Download zip file


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